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Simplix Basic Customisation

A guide to the basic Simplix customisation options that can be configured in the template "index.php" file with a description of each of the available options and how they affect the presentation of the template.

Simplix features several built in configuration options that have been designed to be easily changed with a single control. You can take advantage of these customisation options by making changes in the Simplix "index.php" file. Here is a breakdown of the available options:

$default_style = "style10";		// custom | [style1... style10]
$layout_style = "A";			// A | B
$enable_rokzoom = "true";		// true | false
$template_width = "950";		// width in px | fluid
$menu_name = "mainmenu";		// mainmenu by default
$menu_type = "moomenu";			// moomenu | suckerfish | splitmenu | module
$default_font = "default";        	// smaller | default | larger
$show_pathway = "true";			// true | false


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Default Style

Simplix has 10, pre-made styles that can be easily selected from the option shown below. Simply change the settings between the two " " tags to your style of choice.
$default_style = "style10"; 
// custom | [style1... style10]


A unique feature is now part of the index.php configuration arsenal. The template has the ability to switch layouts situated upon the mainbody. Learn More...

$layout_style = "A"; // A | B

RokZoom Enabled

RokZoom, a powerful and presentationally excellent script can sometimes come into conflict with other javascript libraries, you can disable it with the following settings.
$enable_rokzoom = "true"; 
// true | false

Template Width

You have the ability to select, with ease, the width of the template. The setting below is what you edit to either reduce or increase templates width. You can also set to fluid with is 100% so there template will adapt to your resolution.

$template_width = "950"; 
// width in px | fluid

Menu Name

The following parameter controls which Joomla! menu is loaded for the horizontal navigation bar. Therefore, you can create your own custom menu to load independent from any menu module on your site. The possibilites are endless.

$menu_name = "mainmenu";  
// mainmenu by default

Menu Type

Simplix has the 4 options for the horizontal navigation bar. You can either, select moomenu, the latest menu addition; suckerfish, the basic vertical dropdown menu; splitmenu, the popular classic or have the area as a separate module position.
$menu_type = "moomenu"; 
// moomenu | suckerfish 
splitmenu | module

Default Font

Based on your own personal preference, or the preference of your users; you can easily set the default font size of the text in your site by editing the following line:
$default_font = "default";   
// smaller | default | larger

Show Pathway

Sometimes sites just look better with no pathway, and we've provided a convenient toggle to allow you to disable this for your site
$show_pathway = "true";  
// true | false - pravi naslov za spletne strani

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