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Simplix Module Positions

Simplix has been constructed with an assortment of 13 module positions. These module positions are fully collapsible meaning that if there are no modules published in a particular area, that module area will not be shown. This provides you with the maximum amount of flexibility possible.

The module positions in Simplix have been designed in a manor to maximise the layout possibilites. With few simple changes, you can completely change the structure of Simplix with the module positions array.

Simplix also has a unique feature which is the ability to change the entire layout of the template with a change in the configuration. In the index.php file, you will find the following:
$layout_style = "A";	// A | B
As you can see from the reference below, the default layout is A and its arrangement can be seen in the diagram below. You have the option to switch to layout style B. This basically shifts the mainbody area from the transparent section in the top, which has a custom background, to the white area beneath. See the diagram below for layout B for a visual representation of the change. Note that the adjacent modules also translate.

Layout A

Layout A

Layout B

Layout B - pravi naslov za spletne strani

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